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Frequently asked questions

Making lists

How do I create a list?

Click on the "Create new list" button in the top navigation bar

How do I edit a list title or description?

If you are viewing a list that you own you can edit the list in line. Click on the title or description to edit them.

How do I re-order the movies in my list?

To re-order your list first you have to turn on the Sort toggle on the top left. Your list wil go into re-ordering mode and you can simply drag and drop movies in your list to re-order them. Don't forget to click "Save List" when you are done!

How do I add more info about each movie in my list?

One you have saved your list for the first time, you can go back in and set specific comments about each movie. this is helpful for lists like "Best lines from an action movie" or "Great boardroom scenes".

Does my list have to be strictly movies?

No but each item has to relate to a movie. So for example you could make a list of the best action scenes in the 90s. In this case you would add each movie to a list, then add a comment to each movie to specify which scene you are referring to.

What are tags?

Tags are little pieces of info you can add to your list to make it eaiser to categorize. For example, if you list is about your favority horror movies featuring monkeys, you may choose to tag it with Horror and Monkeys. Tags help us to group similar lists together to make it better for people browsing the site.

Something broke. How do I tell you?

Click that black "Feedback" button over there on the right side of the page.

Account Stuff

How do I change email notifications?

Click on the your username at the top right of the page and then select "Settings". In there you can choose which events to be notified of.

Can I delete my account?

That would really make us sad but yes of course you can. Its actually really easy. Just click on account settings in your user menu at the top right. Then at the bottom of the page there is a scary red button you can click to delete your account. When you do that, all of your lists and other data will be removed.

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Cinerank was designed and built by Toronto-based curmudgeon Stuart Starr. The point was to have an easy way to have movie ranking arguments with friends.

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