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Some quirky but classic movie quotes

These aren't the classics like "Say hello to my little friend" but they always bring a smile to my face.


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One liners Quotes

  • 1. Goodfellas

    Drama, Action, Crime | 1990

    I never agreed to 3 points on top of the vig! Am I something special? What am I a schmuck on wheels?
  • 2. There Will Be Blood

    Drama, Thriller | 2007

    You're not my son. You're just a little piece of competition. Bastard from a basket, bastard from a basket. You're a bastard from a basket!
  • 3. The Rock

    Action, Adventure, Thriller | 1996

    We swore to protect this nation from all enemies. Foreign sir, and domestic.
  • 4. Pulp Fiction

    Action, Thriller, Crime | 1994

    You'd love it the most
  • 5. Fargo

    Comedy, Crime, Drama | 1996

    Well, heck, if you wanna play games here! I'm workin' with ya on this thing, but I... Okay, I'll do a damned lot count!
  • 6. The Godfather

    Drama, Action, Crime | 1972

    He was making cocktail waitresses two at a time! I hade to straighten em out.

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